Seeing Black

March 13, 2009

I made it home for Spring Break.  It doesn’t really feel like Spring Break though because of the weather.  Right now I’m sitting on the chair in the living room watching the Kentucky-LSU game in HD.  Noah is sitting next to me sleeping, but he should be waking up soon to eat.  Last night he slept for 7 and a half hours!!!  I don’t know how Celia gets him to do it.  When I watched him two nights ago he woke up every 3 and a half hours to eat, but I think I already talked about this.

The title of this post is in reference to the black jerseys UK is wearing in the game.  They’ve only worn them one game before and that was earlier this year at the Mississippi Valley State game.  I was at that game, and I was very surprised when them came out onto the court wearing them.  They had Mr. Wildcat’s name, Keightly, on the back of them.  For those who don’t know Mr. Keightly was the equipment manager for UK for 48 years (I think that’s it, but I’m not sure).  He died last Spring and the jerseys were meant to pay tribute to him.  The folks on the radio said that Jodie Meeks was pushing to wear the uniforms during other games all year, but they never got a chance.

I believe they are wearing them for this game because they are looking for a change of fortune.  This game against LSU is arguably the biggest game of the year for UK.  It is a must win for the Wildcats if they want to make it to the tournament.  If we win this game we at least have a chance to go dancing, but if we don’t we are headed to the NIT.  UK has lost a lot of SEC games they should have won this season.  Ever since the Ole Miss game we have been playing rather poorly, with exception to a few games like the first Florida game.  After beating Ole Miss yesterday perhaps UK is turning around.  Hopefully Mr. Wildcat’s spirit is with the team going into the second half.  UK is losing 28-23 at half time.


Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

March 13, 2009

So, first off, I realize it’s been a long time since I blogged.  Not that it matters because nobody reads this anyway but oh well! I will try to justify my lack of posts.  I guess before when I blogged I was “trying to hard”.  I always felt like I had to explain everything that was going on, but now I’m just going to blog about what I want to!

I happen to check up on Luke’s blog and read what he wrote about Twitter.  Yesterday I happen to be watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she was talking about Twitter.  With that I just decided to give it a try.  It seems pretty fun.  It basically just takes my favorite part of facebook, the status updates, and made it into it’s own website.

Also, my son Noah was born on Valentine’s Day!  He is the best baby that ever lived on Earth.  It may have just been a fluke, but he slept through the night two nights ago.  Last night I had him and he woke up every four hours, but he would fall asleep again right after he ate which wasn’t bad at all.  I’m sure I’ll blog a lot more about him later on so I’m just going to leave it at that and get to studying for my last mid term.

Anarchy in the UK

October 12, 2008

On facebook, it seems like every other person is talking about their fall break.  It really makes me mad that UK doesn’t even get one.  Starting last year they moved it to the day before Thanksgiving.  Their thinking was, everyone skips class that day anyway so let’s just move the fall break to that Wednesday.  A lot of schools get that day off anyway, so I just feel like I’m getting screwed over. So it’s a Sunday night and I’ll be driving back to school tomorrow morning.  I don’t have my 10 o’clock class so I don’t have to leave home until about 9.

This weekend was pretty good.  My run to the Horse Park on Saturday went smoothly.  By the time I got there the forerunner said I ran 9 and a half miles so I ran along the backside of the cross country course to make it a 10 mile day.  My legs felt a little tired by the end, but I didn’t really feel the effects of the run until I tried to run around to watch the races.  My legs felt so heavy and tight.  I had run 40 miles that week, and I was pooped.  After the varsity races my dad drove me to my house, and then I drove back up to Northern Kentucky.  The drive went by pretty quickly because I was intensely listening to the UK game.  Unfortunately they lost which was really depressing.

I didn’t do much at all today.  I asked Aaron to run with me after the Bengals game, and he initially said no, but he changed his mind a couple minutes later.  We ran 3 and a quarter miles, and it was the best run I’ve had in a long time.  It is so much easier to run with someone then on your own.  Running 8 miles by yourself can seem like it takes hours to finish.  My motivation to run drops a lot when I’m by myself too.  After we got back home from our run I went out again to run another 2 miles to make it 5.25 miles total.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

October 10, 2008

Today was the big day.  The day of the 20 week ultrasound (even though we’re past 20 weeks). It’s a boy!  It didn’t really matter to me if it was a boy or a girl, I just wanted to find out really bad.  I don’t remember if I talked about the names we picked out, but for a boy we had Noah.  As of right now that’s the name, but we still have about 4 months left so I guess it’s subject to change.

Unfortunately I could not be there for the ultrasound.  I had to participate in a internet news survey that was worth 10% of my final grade in communication, plus I had an economics class to go to.  I don’t have any pictures to post, but I think I should be able to get some up if Celia got any more pictures.

One really interesting thing about the ultrasound is that our baby is 97% in weight!  Yeah, he’s a fatty.  Which is kind of funny because Celia and I are both pretty skinny.  I was fat when I was a baby though.  Because he is so big it is likely that he will be born a week earlier than the due date, which is February 12th.  This is kind of a relief for being being as February 13th happens to lie on a Friday this year.  My only car wreck happened on Friday the 13th so I believe that it is an unlucky day.

My running is going pretty good.  My goal was to run 50 miles this week, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to do that.  As of wednesday I had logged 24 and a half miles, but I didn’t have any time to run yesterday.  During my last class of the day I decided I was going to drive back up to Northern Kentucky to go to the carenet class with Celia.  After that we went to Babies R Us for a little bit and then to Fazolli’s with some of the people from the cross country team.  By the time I got back to Lexington it was 9:00, and I needed to finish my homework.  I’m hoping to run an 8 miler this afternoon, and tomorrow I’m going to run from the house to the horse park to watch Holy Cross run in the Lex Cath meet.  I ran there last year too and it is about 9 and a half miles there.  Should be fun.

A Pleasant Valley Sunday

October 5, 2008

Celia has an ultrasound this friday, so we’ll finally find out what we’re having.  I really can’t wait.  The names we have picked out are Rylie for a girl and Noah for a boy.  Everyone seems to like the name Noah a lot.

I’m trying to get back into running again.  I hadn’t really done any running for a span of about 5 weeks, and then last Sunday I went out and ran 10 and a half miles with Tricia, who is training for a marathon.  Once I got to 10.5 my legs just couldn’t go anymore so I hopped in Celia’s car.  She was driving every mile or so to give Tricia water or powerade.  Joe was also riding a bike along with us.

I decided to keep running.  I came up with some pretty good routes from the house in Lexington.  Last week I ran a total of 31 and a half miles, which is the most since I’ve graduated high school and probably since cross country season my senior year.  This morning was the Indian Run at Mills Road Park.  I really wanted to run a good race so I was actually nervous before.  It’s kind of sad that I felt like that because it probably didn’t even matter to everyone else, but it mattered to me!

Every Indian Run I’ve ever ran or worked at has had a different course.  Two years ago it seemed shorter than a 5k, last year it seemed longer than a 5k, but I think they finally got it right this year.  I went out and took an early lead and held it the whole race.  With about 50 meters of downhill left I stopped and began to dry heave.  I really thought I was going to throw up.  I looked up and saw Eric Brinkman (he really impressed me) sprinting up the hill.  I knew I couldn’t lose the race when I was so close to finishing so I sucked it up and sprinted down the hill.  My time was a 20:03 which is pretty bad.  That would’ve been cool to run in the 19s but wutev.

I think it was the first race I’ve ever won.  Last year I came in 2nd and the year before that I think I got 4th.  Celia let me borrow her forerunner 201 so now I’m gong to train with that.  Hopefully I can keep up my training and get faster.

A Firm Kick

September 19, 2008

I was anticipating tomorrow afternoon for a long time.  Tomorrow we were finally going to find out if the baby is a girl or boy.  Unfortunately that is not the case anymore.

Celia called me about 2 hours ago to tell me that her stepmother cancelled the ultrasound appointment.  At the last doctor’s appointment the doctor said we’ll have to set up the 20 week ultasound.  She said the one we got before was to make sure the baby was growing right and to see the beating heart.  This next one was to do an anatomy check.  When her stepmother heard this she began questioning the doctor if it was necessary.  She used to work in the hospital taking care of the permature babies (I think) so she acted like she knew everything there was.  The doctor admitted it wasn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s recommended.  Before we left we set up the ultrasound appointment with the receptionist

Alas, 3 weeks later (or whatever it was) Celia and I are very excited to see our baby again.  Just a couple hours ago Celia’s stepmother says she cancelled the appointment because she thinks the insurance will only cover one ultrasound which would’ve been the one we had at 14 weeks (or whatever it was).  Apparently her stepmother told her to call the insurance company about it when we were driving home from the previous doctor’s appointment.  I was in the car too, and I don’t remember this at all.  Celia doesn’t remember either.

My thoughts on this are: Why wouldn’t her stepmother have said anything when she called to cancel the apointment?  What insurance plan only covers one ultrasound?  I did a little research, and “they” (the internet) say everyone gets a level 2 ultrasound which is around 20 weeks.  I also can’t comprehend why an ultrasound would cost $1500!  It’s like they say in Juno; an 8 year old can do it.  A friend of mine from work’s girlfriend is pregnant, and they get an ultrasound every week.  He goes to school at Cincinnati State and is learning to take ultasounds.  $1500 seems ridiculous.

Okay, I’m done with my rant.  I really don’t want to be one of those people who doesn’t find out what the gender is until the baby pops out.  But more importantly I hope the baby is healthy, and we’re not missing anything critical by not getting this ultrasound.

Jungle Love, It’s Driving Me Mad, It’s Making Me Crazy

September 10, 2008

I’ve listened to this song many a times, but I’ve never actually seen the video until today.  It’s pretty insane.  When I try to think of the meaning of the song I come up blank, but after seeing the video it all makes sense to me…. They must’ve been high when they wrote it.

So, I have a pretty funny story.  Two Monday’s ago (Labor Day), Celia and I decided we wanted to go to the zoo so we asked Will, Zach, and Cade if they wanted to go to.  Will is my little brother and Zach and Cade are Celia’s nephews and they are all either 4 or 5 so we thought they would have a good time.  They day was going pretty good, besides the fact that it was really really hot.  While walking on a concrete path we discovered a dirt/gravel jungle path that led to some other animals, and we decided to take the path.  While on that path I came across a small building that we originally passed up.  There were some monkeys in it so we all went inside.  It was darkn inside and there weren’t really many monkeys.  In the back on the building/room there was a large exhibit with two rather large monkeys chilling in the back corner.  Will, Zach, and Cade went right up to the window and looked in at them.  I guess one of the monkeys saw them so it walked up to the window and the other one followed.  The first monkey came right up to the window, which was pretty cool.  What happened next was not pretty cool.  The second monky came up right behind the first monkey, and they began to… well… I think you might be able to guess what they were dong.  It made things very awkward as they were doing it right in front of the three little kids.  Cade actually yelled, “Look, they’re saying hello!”  As soon as I realized what was going on I grabbed Will and told everyone it was time to go.  Celia must have some bad luck with monkeys at the zoo.  Last time she went a monkey actually caught a bird, crushed it with its hands and proceeded to eat it.  Nonetheless, our trip to the zoo was fun, besides the fact that we didn’t get to feed the giraffes.