From Freedom’s Peace Beneath the Sea

I finally scanned the baby pictures and uploaded them!

The baby at 8 weeks

The baby at 8 weeks

The baby at 12 weeks

The baby at 12 weeks

The baby sure did grow a lot in 4 weeks. It’s 16 and a half weeks old now.

Last Friday I took a couple hours off work to go to the doctor with Celia. The doctor didn’t really do much. He basically just talked to Celia about what happens when you’re pregnant, checked her weight and blood pressure, and “tortured” her, but I’m not going to go into that for everyone’s sake. We also got to listen to the heartbeat. Apparently if the baby’s heartbeat is above 140 then it’s supposed to be a girl and if it’s below it’s supposed to be a boy. The doctor was listening to it and said that sometimes he can tell if it’s a boy or a girl. The heartbeat was right about 140 so he couldn’t tell, which depressed us all, but now we have something else to look forward at the next ultrasound.

At the end of the appointment Celia asked the doctor if she would be able to run cross country. Holy Cross said she would be allowed to run as long as she had a doctor’s note. The doctor said it was perfectly fine to run, and even compete in meets. This was a huge relief to us all since running is one of the most important things in Celia’s life. Coincidently Holy Cross’s cross country camp started that morning, and she went right after we left the doctor.

Even though we thought she’s be able to run as long as she got a note, she talked to the principal after camp and gave him the note, but he said she’s not allowed to run with the team until he talks to an attorney. This is extremely frustrating to us, so she’s just been running on her own since then.


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