Anarchy in the UK

On facebook, it seems like every other person is talking about their fall break.  It really makes me mad that UK doesn’t even get one.  Starting last year they moved it to the day before Thanksgiving.  Their thinking was, everyone skips class that day anyway so let’s just move the fall break to that Wednesday.  A lot of schools get that day off anyway, so I just feel like I’m getting screwed over. So it’s a Sunday night and I’ll be driving back to school tomorrow morning.  I don’t have my 10 o’clock class so I don’t have to leave home until about 9.

This weekend was pretty good.  My run to the Horse Park on Saturday went smoothly.  By the time I got there the forerunner said I ran 9 and a half miles so I ran along the backside of the cross country course to make it a 10 mile day.  My legs felt a little tired by the end, but I didn’t really feel the effects of the run until I tried to run around to watch the races.  My legs felt so heavy and tight.  I had run 40 miles that week, and I was pooped.  After the varsity races my dad drove me to my house, and then I drove back up to Northern Kentucky.  The drive went by pretty quickly because I was intensely listening to the UK game.  Unfortunately they lost which was really depressing.

I didn’t do much at all today.  I asked Aaron to run with me after the Bengals game, and he initially said no, but he changed his mind a couple minutes later.  We ran 3 and a quarter miles, and it was the best run I’ve had in a long time.  It is so much easier to run with someone then on your own.  Running 8 miles by yourself can seem like it takes hours to finish.  My motivation to run drops a lot when I’m by myself too.  After we got back home from our run I went out again to run another 2 miles to make it 5.25 miles total.


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