Jungle Love, It’s Driving Me Mad, It’s Making Me Crazy

I’ve listened to this song many a times, but I’ve never actually seen the video until today.  It’s pretty insane.  When I try to think of the meaning of the song I come up blank, but after seeing the video it all makes sense to me…. They must’ve been high when they wrote it.

So, I have a pretty funny story.  Two Monday’s ago (Labor Day), Celia and I decided we wanted to go to the zoo so we asked Will, Zach, and Cade if they wanted to go to.  Will is my little brother and Zach and Cade are Celia’s nephews and they are all either 4 or 5 so we thought they would have a good time.  They day was going pretty good, besides the fact that it was really really hot.  While walking on a concrete path we discovered a dirt/gravel jungle path that led to some other animals, and we decided to take the path.  While on that path I came across a small building that we originally passed up.  There were some monkeys in it so we all went inside.  It was darkn inside and there weren’t really many monkeys.  In the back on the building/room there was a large exhibit with two rather large monkeys chilling in the back corner.  Will, Zach, and Cade went right up to the window and looked in at them.  I guess one of the monkeys saw them so it walked up to the window and the other one followed.  The first monkey came right up to the window, which was pretty cool.  What happened next was not pretty cool.  The second monky came up right behind the first monkey, and they began to… well… I think you might be able to guess what they were dong.  It made things very awkward as they were doing it right in front of the three little kids.  Cade actually yelled, “Look, they’re saying hello!”  As soon as I realized what was going on I grabbed Will and told everyone it was time to go.  Celia must have some bad luck with monkeys at the zoo.  Last time she went a monkey actually caught a bird, crushed it with its hands and proceeded to eat it.  Nonetheless, our trip to the zoo was fun, besides the fact that we didn’t get to feed the giraffes.


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