Said Yes We Live Behind the Sun

So right now I’m just chilling in my room waiting for my 3 o’clock class.  There are only two sections of chemistry 107 (which I dropped last semester), one on Tuesday and Thursday and one on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Because of my two civil engineering classes on Tuesday and Thursday I have to take chemistry on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Seriously, who wants to go to class from 3:00-3:50 on a Friday???  Chemistry just makes it worse (I hate UK’s chemistry department).

Well now that I got that off my chest, I’ve been meaning to discuss this for a couple days.  I’ve been watching the democratic national convention on CNN.  I don’t have a very high interest in politics, and I’m a conservative, but watching the convention was interesting.  I listened to many speeches, and they were all very good.  I was amazed how the speakers could really rile everyone up.  The crowd was going crazy for everyone.  I thought Michelle Obama and a couple of other speakers were really good.  There is something about Hillary’s voice that I just can’t stand so I went to bed in the middle of her speech (although the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits joke was awesome).  I was disappointed that I missed Joe Biden and Bill Clinton’s speeches.  As for Obama’s speech, I was watching the convention last night when I feel asleep ridiculously early so I missed it.  I’m going to watch it on the computer internet when I’m finished writing this blog.

It seems that the democrats are promising some much needed change on capitol hill: everything from helping the low and middle class citizens to finding more efficient engery systems.  I would consider voting for Obama, except for two things: I don’t agree with his position on the war, and he seems to be too inexperienced.  Experience plays a big factor when you consider the incident that occured in Georgia a couple weeks ago.

I had a co-worker at Ceva named Adam who moved to the U.S. from Poland 4 years ago.  One day I asked him about Poland, and he said it was terrible there.  He told me the people weren’t nice and nobody there has any money.  He said that you feel like you are slowly killing yourself there because you have nothing.  He thought it was much better in America.  During my last week at Ceva the U.S. made a deal with Poland to build two U.S. operated army bases near the Russian border.  The official purpose of the bases is to intercept any missles that may come from Iran, but it is assumed the real threat is the Russians.

I asked Adam if he heard about what was going on one day at work.  He looked at me and asked me what I knew about it, and I told him the U.S. was going to build a couple bases in Poland.  At that point Adam took over and went into detail everything that was going on in eastern Europe with Russia, Poland, Georgia, and all the other small countries in that area.  He shared with me his extreme hatred toward the Russians.  He explained how the “Rooskies” controlled his country until about 10 years ago and how they try to control all the other countries around it.  It surprised me so much about how informed he was with the situation over there.  I don’t know if he is just intested in politics and that kind of stuff or everyone in Poland is.  He told me a lot of other stories about Poland and Russia, but I don’t have time to go into that.

The whole point of that story is that I’m not sure I could vote for Obama because of his inexperience, especially in the military.  Russia claimed that anyone associated with the U.S. is at risk for a nuclear attack.  Although I doubt WWIII will be breaking out anytime soon, experience would help in making dipomatic relations.

Anyway, I realize that my whole case is probably filled with holes and I’m probably misinformed about many things.  Like I said, I’m not very good when it comes to politics, but sometimes I like to try.


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