Seeing Black

I made it home for Spring Break.  It doesn’t really feel like Spring Break though because of the weather.  Right now I’m sitting on the chair in the living room watching the Kentucky-LSU game in HD.  Noah is sitting next to me sleeping, but he should be waking up soon to eat.  Last night he slept for 7 and a half hours!!!  I don’t know how Celia gets him to do it.  When I watched him two nights ago he woke up every 3 and a half hours to eat, but I think I already talked about this.

The title of this post is in reference to the black jerseys UK is wearing in the game.  They’ve only worn them one game before and that was earlier this year at the Mississippi Valley State game.  I was at that game, and I was very surprised when them came out onto the court wearing them.  They had Mr. Wildcat’s name, Keightly, on the back of them.  For those who don’t know Mr. Keightly was the equipment manager for UK for 48 years (I think that’s it, but I’m not sure).  He died last Spring and the jerseys were meant to pay tribute to him.  The folks on the radio said that Jodie Meeks was pushing to wear the uniforms during other games all year, but they never got a chance.

I believe they are wearing them for this game because they are looking for a change of fortune.  This game against LSU is arguably the biggest game of the year for UK.  It is a must win for the Wildcats if they want to make it to the tournament.  If we win this game we at least have a chance to go dancing, but if we don’t we are headed to the NIT.  UK has lost a lot of SEC games they should have won this season.  Ever since the Ole Miss game we have been playing rather poorly, with exception to a few games like the first Florida game.  After beating Ole Miss yesterday perhaps UK is turning around.  Hopefully Mr. Wildcat’s spirit is with the team going into the second half.  UK is losing 28-23 at half time.


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