A Pleasant Valley Sunday

Celia has an ultrasound this friday, so we’ll finally find out what we’re having.  I really can’t wait.  The names we have picked out are Rylie for a girl and Noah for a boy.  Everyone seems to like the name Noah a lot.

I’m trying to get back into running again.  I hadn’t really done any running for a span of about 5 weeks, and then last Sunday I went out and ran 10 and a half miles with Tricia, who is training for a marathon.  Once I got to 10.5 my legs just couldn’t go anymore so I hopped in Celia’s car.  She was driving every mile or so to give Tricia water or powerade.  Joe was also riding a bike along with us.

I decided to keep running.  I came up with some pretty good routes from the house in Lexington.  Last week I ran a total of 31 and a half miles, which is the most since I’ve graduated high school and probably since cross country season my senior year.  This morning was the Indian Run at Mills Road Park.  I really wanted to run a good race so I was actually nervous before.  It’s kind of sad that I felt like that because it probably didn’t even matter to everyone else, but it mattered to me!

Every Indian Run I’ve ever ran or worked at has had a different course.  Two years ago it seemed shorter than a 5k, last year it seemed longer than a 5k, but I think they finally got it right this year.  I went out and took an early lead and held it the whole race.  With about 50 meters of downhill left I stopped and began to dry heave.  I really thought I was going to throw up.  I looked up and saw Eric Brinkman (he really impressed me) sprinting up the hill.  I knew I couldn’t lose the race when I was so close to finishing so I sucked it up and sprinted down the hill.  My time was a 20:03 which is pretty bad.  That would’ve been cool to run in the 19s but wutev.

I think it was the first race I’ve ever won.  Last year I came in 2nd and the year before that I think I got 4th.  Celia let me borrow her forerunner 201 so now I’m gong to train with that.  Hopefully I can keep up my training and get faster.


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