He Looked To Me Eyes Full Of Love

Well, the school season is almost upon us (It has probably already arrived for most of you).  My first class is tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.  This semester is looking like an easy one so far.  I can only see one of my 5 classes actually being difficult.  We’ll see how it goes after the first week.

On the baby frontier, I realized just how clueless I was to taking care of a baby.  While Celia and I were at CareNet (one of our many times) we were told about a program they have there called Earn While You Learn (EWYL).  Basically a couple is assigned a “mentor mom” who teaches lessons that are required for the program and ones you are allowed to pick.  Every time one person goes they get 12 diapers, and if someone else goes with them, they get 6 more.  The first 10 sessions are about prenatal care and the second 10 are about taking care of a baby.  After the first 10 you get a new carseat, and after the first 10 you get a new baby crib.  The best part is it’s completely free (CareNet is like the teenage parents best friend!)  Celia and I thought it would be a great idea to participate in the program so we signed up.

Celia called to set up the appointments so I don’t know how it exactly went down, but Beth wanted to be our mentor mom.  Yes, the same Beth that made things so awkward the day we went to CareNet and found out Celia was pregnant.  I wasn’t really excited about this, but I guess it is better than having a complete stranger teaching us.

When I walked into CareNet for the first session I felt completely different from the first time I walked into there.  I didn’t have the extremely nervous and sick feeling.  I saw some people in there that looked like they were in the same position Celia and I were in.  Anywayz, we were taken to a small room with two wicker couches and a small tv with a dvd player.  Beth was very nice and asked us some questions about the baby.  I probably just felt like things were awkward with her before because I just didn’t want to talk to anyone but Celia at the time.  I was given some papers to fill out just to get some information about me.  Beth gave us a diaper-bag-sort-of-thing to bring and put our diapers in, and she gave us a purple folder to put our papers in.  The three of us went over which lessons we wanted to learn.

The first lesson we did was about what happens during the first trimester.  We watched a video, and it was informative, but it was extremely corny.  First of all it’s from the early 90’s so the clothes are histerical.  The narrators wore suit coats with shoulder pads.  The background is meant to look real, but it’s obvious it’s computer generated.  The movie series takes place in some kind of baby garden, and in different sections they teach you about different things.  The first trimester video had a lot of useful information, but I already knew most of what it talked about.

I find that I am pretty knowledgable about being pregnant.  How did I become so wise in the ways of pregnancy you ask?  Why because I have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of baby books: What To Expect When You Are Expecting.  Yes, the very same book that is featured in Knocked Up.  Janet, Celia’s stepmom, somehow managed to get her hands on it (it’s a confusing story) and gave it to us.  I have read a lot of it.  When I’m bored I will just pick it up, turn to a random page, and read.

After the lesson concluded and we left the room, Linette was there to give me a big hug.  I’m not sure what Linette’s obsession with me is.  She always gives me hugs whenever I walk in there, and she calls me her best friend.

Our second session was a little different, mainly because the first one was more of an introduction than anything.  The first thing we did was go over our homework that Beth gave us the week before.  The last thing we had to do on the homework was write a letter to the baby.  I wrote it (Celia just agreed with what I said and told me it sounded good).  It was a pretty touching letter about how even though we’re young we’ll be okay and have each other to support.  It made Beth cry a little bit.  She told us that even though we’re young, and we might think we’re not ready for this baby, we are ready emotionally and we’re a lot more mature than we think.  This made me feel unbelievably good inside.

After we went over the homework we watched a video on the effects of smoking on a baby.  Neither of us smoke or have ever smoked, but the video is required.  We also watched a video on taking care of yourself when you’re pregnant.  At the end of the session we watched a tiny part of a video about what the dad is supposed to do.  The dad’s on the video basically said they feel left out a lot.  The video stressed that this is “her time” and do whatever you can to make her happy.  Celia ALWAYS brings this up to me now to get me to do something for her.  I just laugh and do it anyway.  I’d do anything for her.  This time Linette actually interupted this lesson to give me a hug (she was giving me my car key that I dropped).

For the third lesson we watched the baby garden video about the second trimester.  This one was more interesting than the first trimester one.  I can’t remember if we watched another video that day or not.

Overall I’d say that the EWYL program is really helpful and informative.  I feel like I know a lot about being pregnant (which is a little weird since I’m a guy), but what I really need to learn about is taking care of a baby.  I wouldn’t say I’m clueless about it since I have a 4 year old brother, but if I were handed a baby today, I think it would be a disaster.  What To Expect When You’re Expecting says not to worry about it because you learn most of it from experience, but I think I’m going to go out sometime and buy What To Expect The First Year.


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