One day while bathing in the sea

I haven’t really been up to much lately.  My days involve sleeping in, staying up late, watching tv, playing video games and the occasional run.

I have a surprisingly high amount of free time for someone working two jobs.  I’ve worked more weekends this summer at McHale’s then all last year combined.  I got a job working at Arlinghaus Builders in June.  I was put on a remodeling project (tearing down walls, ceilings, floors, etc.).  After a couple weeks we started framing walls and putting in new floors.  I’ve learned a lot about building houses in my time on the project (like how to use all kinds of tools).  Anyway, after a couple of weeks we got to the point where the home owners didn’t know what they wanted to do with the house, and since then I’ve just been chilling at my house all day.

The free time allows me to run more.  I missed a lot of the Holy Cross cross country pre-season practices due to work, but I’ve still been trying to run.  Now that it’s the dead period I’ve been running with Celia and sometimes with Tricia and Joe.  Last night we went up to Scott and ran on the course for 45 minutes and this morning Celia, Tricia, Jaime, and I ran an 8 mile loop.  Last night I felt craptacular while running.  Joe and I got to Scott after Celia and Tricia and didn’t have any time to stretch.  The whole run my legs just didn’t want to move.  This morning I had time to stretch, but I guess I’m not used to the 8 milers yet because after awhile my legs just wanted to collapse.  It’s kind of weird.  I’ve felt awesome on all my runs so far this summer up until yesterday.  Hopefully I can get past this funk and feel good again.


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