He Spoke To Me In Symphony

I got back about an hour ago from a night of friends, food, and the Symphony! The Kentucky Symphony was playing James Bond songs in Devou park this evening. I arrived at intermission, but I was in luck because I didn’t miss my favorite Bond song: Live and Let Die. I didn’t know any of the other songs, but it was still cool to hear the Symphony.

This has been quite a week. My family has been in Florida since last Saturday, and I chose to stay home. I felt like going to Florida may be a bad idea right now, given my situation. I just got a new job at Ceva, and I didn’t think taking a weeks vacation would be a good idea. Especially considering how much money I make there (apparently it’s against company policy to say how much I make, but let’s just say it’s A LOT!). With a baby on the way I will need all the money I can get!

On Thursday I went to the doctor with Celia for another ultrasound. Although the ultrasound technician wasn’t as friendly as Lisa it was still an amazing experience. At the first ultrasound we could hear and see the heartbeat, but the baby didn’t look like anything more than a blob. Celia and I had joked and called it our “circle”. Now the baby is starting to look like a baby. The best part about this ultrasound was we could see the arms and legs moving around. It was awesome being able to see that. We only got to hear the heartbeat for a second or two this time (Celia was laughing). A baby’s heartbeat is so much faster than an adults. We still don’t know the sex of the baby. I read in a pamphlet Carenet gave me you can tell at 16 weeks. Our baby was about 12 weeks last Wednesday so I guess it’s 12 and a half weeks now.

I still haven’t been able to scan the first picture yet. We also got another picture from the second ultrasound. In the one I got to keep you can see the baby’s arm which is pretty cool.


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